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Our Services

Assistive Listening Devices

When hearing aids are not enough or not appropriate, we can offer devices for the TV, telephone, FM classroom amplification, body aids, and sound alert devices.

Computerized Hearing Aid adjustments (new and previously owned)

Custom Earmolds

  • Swimming
  • Hearing Protection for work or play
  • Personal Headphones for iPod, hands-free cell phones
  • Hunters Hearing Protection (Protects from loud sounds while allowing you to hear soft sounds of nature or speech.)
  • Industrial earmolds
  • Musicians in-the-ear monitors

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations and Consultations

 All Ages, Newborn to Geriatric

Earwax Removal

Hearing Aids

  • Evaluations
  • Consultations
  • Prescriptions
  • Custom Fittings
  • Verifications
  • Repairs

Hearing Aid Accessories

  • LOW Battery Prices Everyday!
  • Dri-aid kits for moisture problems
  • Solutions for itchy ears
  • Magnetic battery pens for easier removal
  • Battery chargers and testers
  • Remotes

All-Make Hearing Aid Repairs

Neurodiagnostic Testing

  • Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response (ABR)
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)

Real Ear Measurements for Hearing Aid Fitting Verification

There is no room for guesswork in hearing aid fittings. These measurements provide valid, repeatable and reliable method of assessing the performance of the hearing aids while in the ear.  We verify each fitting with measurements of how much sound is in the ear canal because each ear is unique!

Tinnitus Evaluations and Management

  • Testing
  • Counseling
  • Tinnitus Maskers
  • Tinnitus/Hearing Aid Combo Units
  • Tinnitus Therapies and Referrals


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