We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

M Herbkersman

This was my first appt with Advanced Hearing Care. I was so amazed at the quality and thoroughness of my care by Dr. Sherry! I have had hearing aids for several yrs and Dr Sherry was recommended by a friend after I expressed my frustrations with my current aids and care. So I met Dr. Sherry and it was the most complete and amazing ear exam I have ever had! I was tested with and without the aids and at each step adjustments were made to tweak my aids so I could get maximum benefit. I was treated with kindness and respect and everything was explained each step of the way. She took my current hearing aids and adjusted them to match my hearing and I am hearing better than I have in such a long time! In fact, it's one of the first things my wife realized. I can actually hear a whisper now! It seems so natural and even. I also know what my next step will be - it was all explained so well. It was refreshing to know that they service many different hearing aids and are not tied to one brand and pushing that. In fact, I was not offered new aids, because they only had to get my current ones adjusted better.

I will add that I live a significant distance from Advanced, but I don't care! I will drive to get this level of service and care! Highest recommendations possible!

M. Herbkersman

I have worn hearing aids for many years and this was the best hearing appointment I have ever had! Dr. Hodge took time to explain my hearing loss and could measure my current hearing aid performance and why I am having difficulty hearing with the current settings. She made adjustments and my family and I are noticing a big improvement. It is like the difference between going to convenience store (VP) and a specialty store! I live several miles away but it was worth the drive!

NJ McCain

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my hearing

J. Bean

I like working with a pro, first one who really helped him hear well

Mike Bomholt
M. Bomholt

Advanced Hearing Care is the best! I highly recommend them to everyone!

S. B.

I should’ve done this a long time ago, I didn’t realize how much I was missing.

M. Schmitt

Here, you get excellent customer service and excellent solutions. I’ve been doing business with Advanced Hearing Care since 2003, and they have excellent customer service, excellent repairs. They are knowledgeable about tinnitus and have helped me with my tinnitus for all these years, and I am grateful for that. The girls are great and the appointments are on time. I recommend them.

Kathy Jones
Mrs. J.

I brag about my hearing aids all the time. I tell them Advanced Hearing Care is the place to go. Sometime I have to take it out of my ear to show them because they can’t see it in my ear.

Joyce Engle
Mrs. E.

I quit going out with my friends because I could never understand what was being said with my old aids, but with my new aids I can hear what is said in restaurants and at my grandson’s birthday party at Sky Zone. I’m going out with my friends again!

Mr. D.G.

I have a severe hearing loss and at a restaurant, or whenever in noise, I used to have to look at the person talking to read their lips, but now with my new hearing aids I can follow conversation in noise without even looking at the person speaking.

Mrs. W.

I was referred to Advanced Hearing by my cousin when it became evident that my hearing was becoming increasingly hampered. The entire office staff was friendly and extremely helpful from the get-go. The first hearing aids I was fitted with just did not do the job for me. Advanced Hearing was very understanding and was more than willing to take them back during the trial period. Before we gave up, it was suggested I try the Oticon Delta aids. I am SO GLAD I did! I now have the aids in both ears. They have made a huge difference in my communication with those around me. Whenever I have had a need for service (rarely), Advanced Hearing has been totally available and ready to solve any problem that I’ve had. I continue to tell anyone who has a hearing issue about Advanced Hearing Care.

Ms. M.

Advanced Hearing has helped me tremendously to be able to hear again. I have been a nurse for twenty years and my hearing just kept getting worse. I thought I would have to give up my job that I love. But with my hearing system and my Smart Link I can do my job better than ever. I dont know why anyone would want to go through life missing out on all the sounds that hearing devices make possible to hear again.

Ms. S.

I have tinnitus (noise in the ear) and sensitivity to very loud noises. Advanced Hearing Care was able to help me using their knowledge and the advances made by the hearing aid companies. I feel they have been really interested in finding a solution for me.

*Note: This site contains actual testimonials from Advanced Hearing Care patients. Patients have not been paid to share their experiences. Testimonials are not intended to represent every patients experience. Benefits from hearing instruments vary by type and degree of hearing loss. See an audiologist to find out what treatment is best for you.